My typical childhood lunch

I am repeating an idea from the daily post about five posts to write right now, so I pick number 2, which is about my typical childhood lunch at school. It is called Nasi Lemak, it’s a typical Malaysian food consisting of coconut rice, spiced anchovies and half a boiled egg. Taste wise it has the 3S, sweet, salty and spicy, typical of Asian food. Thankfully, I know how to make it, thanks to our long vacation in my husband’s motherland, which motivated me enough to learn how to cook it for my own sanity (imagine I didn’t eat Asian food for a full ninety days).

A typical Malaysian food

A typical Malaysian food

I ate this at school for lunch and sometimes for breakfast on weekends at home. This is just comfort food for most Malaysians, and it drove me insane a little because of lack of spicy food and the nagging question why I couldn’t make a staple national dish. I researched it and made it. You had no idea the mouth orgasm I had, totally mind-blowing. You can try it in Singapore and Malaysia. Take it easy on the anchovies.

I will post my recipe next time.

Stay tuned.


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