What is WIPkitchen…

One day the neighbor and I (she’s also a distant relative of my husband) were talking casually during a double date. She and her husband were newly married at the time, plus she came from a far away land; right thing to do was a welcoming dinner outside. Pretty much the boring couple routine, drove to a Lebanese/Moroccan restaurant and the boys were talking about work. The girls were talking about domestic life, and she asked me how did manage to cook at home? Where did I learn? And how do I manage home life plus finishing my Master’s dissertation.  Let me dissect what she meant:

How I managed the cooking at home because apparently it was hard for her to adjust. My thought answered her this way: Isn’t every newly married wife know how to cook? From this question, I guessed at the time it wasn’t the ideal world. Girls and home economics doesn’t match, according to Anthony Bourdain.

I am a newly married wife with no children, my career is in finance and I have a postgrad degree but that’s not really important because I really love food and writing. I have no culinary education ( although I own a franchise some years back, mostly it was food popped into the microwave), but I am passionate about food. I love food so much, I was begging my parents on my 15th birthday for a chef to teach me south american food at home. My very first dish was rice and prawn paella. I had a great teacher, and I remember she was also newly married at the time.

This work-in-progress kitchen is dedicated to how I managed cooking at home and all the basic dishes newly married person(s) could amuse themselves with, perhaps surprise their better half.


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