wipkitchen: junk food

Junk food Junkie  

What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory


I love burgers. Not just any burger. Don’t think of Carls Jr. or Maccas, or even Wendy’s. It’s weak burger. (The type that doesn’t fill your mouth, the type that doesn’t make you struggle to bite it). Those are just distractions.

“Greasy with plastic meat”

as my husband put it.

The burger I am talking about is “strength burger”. I love strength burger because it is made from scratch, grilled to perfection, premium 250g burger. The idea of strength burger comes from a Youtuber alias DaymDrops. If you want to know what burger he’s talking about, you should check this link.

Strength burger can be comparable to T.G.I.F burgers, if you’ve tried one, you know it’s juicy and doesn’t taste like plastic meat, the greens are fresh, and you feel comfortable plus guilt free on your cheat day to have something as good as a strength burger.

wipkitchen version of a strength burger-original recipe

wipkitchen version of a strength burger-original recipe

In wipkitchen, I made a burger today from scratch. It’s my own recipe and my version of…Yep, a strength burger. I will put up the recipe soon.



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