WIPkitchen Recipe: Nasi lemak


Nasi Lemak ( pronounced Na-see, Le-Mac).

It’s uniquely Malaysian, and I love this food. It’s traditional and modern too, can be enjoyed by a street sweeper or a CEO. This dish does not belong to a single predominant race. It belongs to all races in Malaysia. The one thing we can all agree on, the one thing we all have in common. The love of Nasi Lemak. I eat it during breakfast, lunch, dinner, rain or shine. I think you get the gist.

In this image, it’s the simple version. The fancy version can be found in 5 star hotels or resorts, you can Google it too.

Let’s get on with the recipe.

First boil the eggs. Take a couple of eggs from the fridge,  fill up a bowl with water and turn on the fire. 12-15 min. If you see eggs protein seeping through its shell, it’s over cooked okay? Don’t throw it.  Just peel nicely.

While waiting for the eggs, please boil your rice. Nice trick is to put enough water leveling 1/4 of a finger. Add ginger. Just peel the ginger and dump it, don’t bother to slice. You don’t want to accidentally eat a ginger. Though it doesn’t taste that bad by itself.

Next… while the rice is simmering,  please cut onions as much as humanly possible. You are about to make the “sambal” literally meaning spice. The red sauce with anchovies. Okay, add oil to “frying pan” some kind of cooking device with flat shallow surface, fry dry anchovies for 5 minutes, then add onions; sauté (fry) until caramelize (nice trick is if you can whiff the onions it’s good to go), add half of a chili sauce from the bottle ( seriously easier than buying dry chili and food processing it and adding salt and others, trust me), add salt to your taste. Wait until sauce thickens or when you see it starts bubbling, off fire.

Now you can stop here and eat it. How? Find a decent size cup and add rice in it, mold it and pack it in, then tap it onto a flat plate. You can choose any shape. Even heart shape. Add the red sauce on top, slice your eggs and put it on the sides with raw cucumbers.

Want to add pickle? Even better. But for me, I don’t like pickle with rice. Pickle with hamburger is nice. What do you think?

Enjoy. Post me your version!

For the brave, I will put up a another recipe next time for the Rendang chicken. Another traditional Malaysian dish eaten on its own or with nasi lemak in a fancy version.

P.s. I use no measurements, just use cooking materials as you like and to your taste. Most importantly make it yours. I Googled the instructions and made it overseas with no help from Asian supermarket.

p.p.s. I use Malaysian English, although I will try to make it “commonwealth” English. Malaysians like to say “nicely” on everything. Like wash the car nicely, cook nicely. It’s just one of those localized English.


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