Audit your fridge

The pause button on domestic life

I had no introduction to a domesticated life a week subsequent to my wedding. I had simply clicked the pause button in my head, because it was crunch time for my post-graduate degree. It was my last semester, last chance on scoring above average marks, and the semester that define my thesis depending on the supervisor. I had no regrets, because my husband was busy working for HP at the time and his new boss was like a garlic peeler – frustrating, useless and doesn’t serve its purpose. It occupied his mind more than the state of the kitchen.

We made it through a semester with take aways, deliveries and my husband cooking for us (occasionally). After my last exam was done, I took a week sleeping in. 18 months of sleepless nights could do that to you. Sometime during this week of downtime, reality bites into my consciousness. I had no idea what to do about the kitchen.

Audit your fridge

The fridge was full of junk food left overs, half empty carbonated drinks, wilted veggies, old cheese. I don’t dare post a pic, it’s just gross. Use your imagination. It wasn’t a dirty fridge, what I am trying to say is, it was an unhealthy fridge.

Watching too much Gordon Ramsay (GR) on hulu, I must say he would frown at me for not taking more pride in quality food. Shame. Shame. Shame. I took out the garbage bag and threw everything.

The thing about fridge is, once you audit your fridge, you will feel 100% good about yourself. An empty fridge represents many possibilities too.


Next thing I did was to pack the fridge with visually appealing organic food. I made sure there were green, yellow, red, purple, orange organic food in my fridge. Does it matter what food? As long as it’s healthy.

Where is the pride?

The thing with eating healthy is; you need to know how to. I had no idea how to make anything healthy, maybe only salad. So, this was my obstacle. The healthy produce was there and I had no idea how to do any of it. It’s different from watching cooking shows.

How to cook with pride? This is what GR hardwired in my brain, I honestly didn’t know why he stood out among the rest of the cooks to me. I remember GR showing a person how to cook with pride, he was doing something simple, delicious and fresh.

Simple, delicious and fresh

It brought me back to my mother’s kitchen. I loved her food because it was so simple and fast to prepare. My brain hardwired back to culture food.Without realizing what I was doing, I made a stir fry Choy sum.

chinese cooking - choy sum

Chinese stir fry- Choy sum

To make this Chinese food you need 5 minutes and simple things like:

  1. Oil
  2. Choy sum ( chinese flowering cabbage in English) or any vegetable you like, rule of thumb for this recipe; stick to leafy ones
  3. Garlic

So heat up the pan, place the choy sum until wilted, add garlic. Once you can smell the garlic in the air, it’s done. Serve with anything.


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