What I wished I knew in my 20s about cooking

2015 is just a couple of hours away, it’s exciting and sobering. I am a few weeks shy of a milestone birthday too, and it feels just as exciting as my 21st was.

It’s going to be a beginning of a new year, and as a parting note to the last hours of this year is “What I know in my 30s (almost) that I wished I knew in my 20s”.

1. Don’t cook chicken and beef at the same time and in the same pot to save time.

2. Always add a little salt at the beginning of the cooking stages and build up on the taste as you near completion. Once i didn’t add any salt, only much later into the cooking process before serving and the dish was awful.

3. I’m sure you know this already, to add some oil and salt cooking any pasta.

4. The biggest investment in a kitchen should be the fridge because that’s where you’ll preserve the quality of food and reduce waste.

5. Use cooking as a medium of self expression rather than to feed oneself

6. To preserve more family recipes before it’s too late

7. Eating out is nice too but eating in is private and brings people closer together

8. To master frying drumsticks

9. Forget the knife skills and use food processors and graters, it’s efficient and saves time

10. Not anything that looks good taste good

11. A good frying pan doesn’t scald you with popping oil

12. There are knives for bread, meat and vegetables and it slice much better using them

13. Share food/recipe and in return learn new recipes

14. I should follow my own advice but I shouldn’t eat in restaurants what I could make better at home

15. I believe food is love, cooking for people conveys your love for them, expressing it in making something they love to eat and seeing happiness from a simple dish is rewarding.

Happy 2015 everyone!